New product development by Engineering Research and Development is the backbone of Lucas-TVS to meet customer requirements for their new vehicle introduction programmes.
Over 70% of the current sales turnover is realised from new products developed by in-house R&D.
Lucas TVS was awarded the Golden Trophy for Technology Excellence by Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India in 2007, among the automotive component manufacturers. This stands testimony to the capabilities of L-TVS engineering for development of new product and process technology.
Engineering center
The new product development is carried out through an integrated product and manufacturing process development system. The product design, development, manufacturing process design and technology development for new product introduction are concurrently carried out through this integrated process, to satisfy the customer requirements of applications.
The New Product Development Process of L-TVS is carried out on the basis of concurrent engineering, design for manufacture and assembly, design to target cost, design for reliability, meeting the requirements of TS16949. This NPD process has been developed with the help of Japanese consultants to upgrade to a world class level to ensure customer satisfaction.
The technical requirements of customers are transformed into new products by the Engineering R&D teams . Product design is carried out using
3D software such as Pro/E, Catia, Unigraphics as required by the customers for easy interaction and on-line design reviews, while designing LTVS products for the engine and vehicle systems of the customers. Computer aided engineering is extensively used for product design and development, through computerized electromagnetic design, motor design, stress and fatigue analysis, optimisation of design, reliability engineering, etc.
Teams of highly qualified scientists, engineers and technicians continuously keep in contact with customers and ensure customer-friendly technology development. Working together with the customer from the initial stages of vehicle development is one of the major strengths of L-TVS R&D. This helps in ensuring that the customers’ requirements are thoroughly understood and built into LTVS new products at the early stages of design.

Engineering center has a full-fledged material and process development lab, where research on the use of new materials, to improve quality and reliability of products and add value to the customers in meeting their ever-increasing demands. Manufacturing processes such as for enhancing electrical insulation, improving corrosion resistance, metal joining, forging and casting etc are also developed in this lab for the specific requirements of LTVS new products.

The Machine Tool Centre, part of LTVS Engineering function, design, develop and manufacture special purpose machines, test rigs and single piece flow manufacturing lines for meeting the stringent product quality and reliability requirements of new products designed to the contemporary technology and lean manufacturing systems of L-TVS.
L-TVS product proving and reliability engineering lab is one of the best fully-equipped laboratory in this part of Asia. The purpose of this lab is to facilitate improvement of the reliability of products manufactured by L-TVS continuously to ever-increasing levels. This lab is equipped with test rigs and facilities to prove L-TVS products to the test standards of Indian and overseas vehicle manufacturers. The product proving process carried out by LTVS also aims at reliability growth for LTVS products for Indian and overseas usage conditions; for example, for Indian usage conditions, the products are subject to abuse tests specific to Indian road and vehicle driving conditions. In this lab, testing requirements of most of the international vehicle manufacturers are met satisfactorily.
Advance Engineering
L-TVS continuously monitors the requirements of international customers for Auto electrical products. To meet the requirements of OEMs in the next 3 – 5 years, several new breakthrough products are under development in Advance Engineering section. Teams of engineers in Advance Engineering continuously innovate and develop new products to delight the customers and end-users. The basic requirements of such developments are based on continuous interactions with customers and end-users to understand their unfulfilled needs. This team also continuously reviews the usage of L-TVS products by the end-users and identifies the new requirements and design add-on features and functionalities to these products, in advance of the requirements proposed by OEMs.
Also the teams have developed contacts and access to the contemporary technology under development in our range of products, in other parts of the world, so that new innovations and breakthroughs can be created further for implementation in the near future.