BLDC Engine Cooling Fan Motor

BLDC Engine Cooling Fan Motor

Product Specification

  • Frame size : Ø112mm
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Nominal current : 25A
  • Torque Rating : 1.0 Nm
  • Operating Voltage : 12 V
  • Input Power : 320W
  • Mass : 1.8Kg
  • Nominal Operating Speed : 2500 rpm

Customer Benefits

  • Pollution is avoided due to absence of carbon brush
  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Better Thermal efficiency


  • Speed control : Continuous variable speed/ Discrete speeds are also possible.
  • Constant speed: The speed will be maintained constant at the set values irrespective of voltage and torque
  • The starting current and its behaviour can be achieved
  • Motor can communicate with system ECU
  • Motor can feedback the diagnostic information to ECU regarding the faults.
  • Higher efficiency over brushed counterpart


  • SUV & Passenger Cars

Typical Performance Curve

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