Excellence in Engineering

  • Highly competent & experienced R&D professionals
  • Technical collaboration for product development and validation
  • Advanced testing laboratory facilities
  • Products are conforming to international standards
  • Ensure through rigorous field fitment and testing process
  • Usinf 3D solid model for designing of product analysis

Excellence in Manufacturing

  • State of the art manufacturing processes
  • Conveyor based semi automated line for production
  • Filter manufacturing by imported machines form Korea
  • Imported adhesive and core materials used for filter manufacturing
  • Imported filter media used for filter manufacturing
  • Continual skills development programs for operators

Filter Manufacturing Plant

Spiral Tube Making & Dry Leak Testing Machine

Core Welding Machine

Paper Pleating Machine

Water Leak Testing

Injection Molding Machine

Pad Printing Machine

Rotary Paper Pleating Machine

Paper Clipping Machine

PU Dispenser

Air Filters – Purity & Performance

  • Protect the engine form direct contaminant by external pollutants
  • Highest particle separation efficiency
  • Maximum dust holding capacity
  • Stable fold geometry
  • Quality sealing due to good polyurethane foam
  • High bursting strength on paper
  • Highly efficient in reducing pollution emission
  • High performance on engine
  • High air permeability
  • eliminating groove formation and piston damage

Oil Filters – Purity & Performance

  • Hight filtration efficiency media
  • Capable of withstanding mechanical and thermal loads in the engine environment
  • Optimum particle separation efficiency
  • Optimum dust holding capacity
  • High quality seal
  • tear resistant media
  • Protecting engine wear
  • Effective by pass valve opening pressure
  • High durability and resistivity to various adverse conditions

Fuel Filters – Purity & Performance

  • Capable of elimination of wearing and noxious particle from diesel and petrol
  • Hight dust holding capacity
  • Optimum particle separation efficiency
  • Optimum water separation efficiency
  • Hight efficient in reducing pollution emission
  • High air & fuel mixing ratio
  • High corrosion resistance to fuel injector
  • Reduces paraffin formation in diesel fuel

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