Refrigerator Compressor

Lucas TVS offers innovative compact twin rotary compressors for refrigeration systems with higher energy efficiency, low power consumption with retro-fit capability to current refrigerator compressors. Available in 48V DC and 230V AC input variants and compatible with current & upcoming low GWP refrigerants for LBP, MBP & HBP applications

Product Specification

  • Motor Type : BLDC
  • Refrigerant : R134A, R600A & R290
  • Voltage : 48V DC, 200-240V AC
  • Input Power : 33 W
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Displacement : 3.8cc
  • Refrigerating Capacity : 90W, 300 Btu/hr
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio : 9.1 (Btu/Wh)
  • CoP : 2.7
  • Height : 175mm
  • Net Weight : ~1.8Kg

Features & Benefits

  • Inverter type
  • Less weight, compact in size and offers improved cabinet utilization compared to the widely used reciprocating compressor
  • High volumetric efficiency over reciprocating compressor
  • High energy efficiency & part load efficiency results in reduced running cost to customers
  • Easy retro-fit in running systems
  • Battery operated/vehicle powered with DC voltage
  • Suited for mobile or portable refrigeration


  • Refrigerators, Water coolers, Deep freezers, Panel coolers, etc.,

10 Years Warranty

No Vibration

No Noise

Precise Speed Control

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