BLDC Motor for Solar Pumps

Built with high performance Neodymium magnets, our BLDC motors for water pumps provide higher energy efficiency, smoother high speed operations with lower noise and less power consumption compared to an induction motor.

Product Specification

For 3.0 HP pump For 5.0 HP pump
Motor type BLDC BLDC
Power output 2200W 3700 W
Voltage 400V 400V
Vcc voltage 300 to 800 Vdc 300 to 800 Vdc
RPM/Speed 3600 to 4800rpm 3600 to 4800 rpm
Diameter ~96mm ~96mm
Height 450mm 480mm

Features & Benefits

  • Completely sealed motor variant with epoxy Encapsulated wound stator is also available
  • High wear resistance bearings with Carbon/stainless steel segments
  • NEMA coupling flange
  • Plugged-in Rubber Diaphragm to accommodate thermal expansion of water
  • Robust BLDC technology ensures long smooth life of motors
  • Virtually no maintenance with easily serviceable construction
  • Motors built with High performance Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets for smooth operations even at high speed

Features & Benefits

  • Extraction of water from borewell
  • Drip and Sprinkler systems for Agriculture
  • Pressure boosting applications for commercial establishments
  • Domestic water supply to large residences and multi storied apartments

BLDC Technology

Corrosion Resistance

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