EV Power Train Solutions

All-electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, which specifically helps to improve air quality in urban & rural areas. Lucas TVS is at fore front in developing of new technology for EV segment. Lucas TVS works with new vision to make cleaner and safer environment.

Electric Bicycle

Lucas TVS BLDC Hub Motor is a new generation drive system for e-bikes. Extremely compact design in wheel hub motor, Lucas TVS offers ideal user-oriented performance. This makes the system not only more streamlined but also significantly lighter. The Lucas TVS e-bike solution is therefore perfectly suited to sports and leisure applications as well as everyday mobility.

Hub Motor & Controller

Hub Motor are in-wheel drive motors which does not have interaction with the primary bicycle chain, no additional transmission required, Inexpensive easy to mount the most mechanically simple concept.

2 Wheeler

The Traction motor & Hub Motors were exclusively developed for Indian driving conditions considering the overloading factor and road conditions. Detailed validation tests were performed not only to validate the performance of the motor but also its durability and sealing capability. They are perfectly compatible and optimized with regard to high power density. The compact design of the electrical system is one of its strengths. The system yields a high performance in all driving conditions. we combine the requirements of each consumer to shape the future of EV with a advanced High technology BLDC / PMSM Motor & Controller for two wheeler.

Mid Drive Motor & Controller

Traction Motors Allows for a great deals of customization in design, Silent operation and free from Un-sprung weight or mass and does not adds weight to the wheel.

Hub Motor & Controller

Lucas TVS Hub Motors are high efficient motors designed with the rare earth magnets which are directly incorporated into the wheels which are free from transmission.


Electric Three Wheeler

E-Rickshaw & E-Loader are low speed vehicle below 25kmph which support Last mile commercial transportation in India. These low speed 3W uses a LI-battery for energy, Lucas TVS has developed a highly efficient Motors and Controllers keeping an eye on Indian monsoon condition and commercial affordability of E-rickshaw owners.

BLDC Motor & Controller – E-Rick Shaw / E-Cart (L3)

Lucas TVS BLDC Motors & controllers are designed exclusively for Indian consumers which are highly efficient and supports for smoother operation.

PMSM Motor & Controller – E- Auto / E-Loader (L5)

Lucas TVS PMSM Motor & FOC controller forms a combination which produces constant torque and power while cruising, which are highly efficient and yields a high range.

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