Electric Bicycle

Reliable. Cost-effective.

Hub Motor



  • Light powerful and extremely durable
  • High torque generation using Epicyclic gear train mechanism
  • High efficiency during climbing, and better acceleration
  • Low noise, high torque
  • Excellent performance characteristics
  • Maximum efficiency over the entire speed range
  • High power and torque density due to optimal heat dissipation
  • Multiple spokes size options
  • High-precision sensor technology for control and regulation
  • Aluminum motor housing powder-coated with great care and finished with meticulous attention to detail
  • Powerful response; smooth performance
  • Energy recovery when riding downhill reduces wear and tear on the brakes and recharges the battery
  • Excellent water and dust resistance


1. Motor Type Outer Rotor Outer Rotor
2. Outer Diameter 140 mm 132 mm
3. Rated Voltage 48 V 36 V
4. Rated Power 250W 250W
5. Peak Power 380 W 380W
6. Speed 225 RPM 200 RPM
7. Rated Torque 10.6 Nm 12 Nm
8. Max. Torque 40 Nm 45Nm
9. Rated Current 6A 8A
10. Peak Current 13 A 15A
11. Gear reduction Ratio 1:4.4 1:4.4
12. Magnet Type NdFeB NdFeB
13. Motor Weight 2.5Kg 2.5Kg
14. Ingress Protection IP67 IP67
15. Motor Mounting Position Rear Wheel Rear Wheel

Exploded View

Performance Curve

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