Senior Engineer

Job ID : TVS0001

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Job Description

  • Undertaking the system engineering activities for system Design and documentation of the system
  • Ensuring the features and constraints like reliability, safety, and maintainability in design
  • Ensuring all customer Requirements are managed process for system
  • Support and work with supplier management Team
  • Performing the customer demonstration and witness the vendor testing
  • Support for Test lab setup and train environment setup for system Testing
  • Proficient with Agile/Scrum methodologies – Salesforce Developer certifications are a plus.

Key Accountabilities

  • Building new (and maintaining existing) APEX, Visual force, and Lightning solutions.
  • Participate in various sprint meetings, assist in the creation and upkeep of user stories.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and users about changes or requirements.
  • Provide testing and support functions as needed Knowledge and Qualifications : – Experience with Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds – Proficiency in Salesforce APEX, Visual force, and Lightning development.
  • Knowledge of the Salesforce data structure, and the ability to use various tools for data migrations.

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