AC Indoor Unit Motor

Lucas TVS offers energy efficient and low noise, sensor-less BLDC Motors for Air conditioner application (indoor unit). Its unique DMC moulded and laminated build eliminates core vibrations and offers a highly reliable motor with excellent environment protection

Product Specification

  • Motor Type : Moulded BLDC
  • Power Supply : 310 V DC
  • Output Power : 30 W, 50 W – 2 variants
  • Number of Poles : 10
  • Speed : 1300 RPM, 1400 RPM
  • Output Pulse : 12 pulses / 1 revolution from FG terminal


  • AC Indoor Unit, Air cooler
  • Water cooler
  • Non-automotive condenser cooling

Features & Benefits

  • DMC moulded sensor-less high efficiency low noise Motor with inner rotor arrangement
  • Fully closed design for IP56 Protection
  • In-built moulded stator assembly using Dough Moulding Compound (DMC) eliminates core vibrations and also offers excellent environmental protection
  • Integrated Control Unit to vary the motor speed depending on the air through requirement
  • Rubber grommet used at mounting locations to further dampen vibration and to increase mounting retention in service
  • Less weight and improved reliability
  • Sensor-less design – Optimized for cost control

Long Service Life

High Efficiency

ECU Design

Low Vibrations

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