Compact Rear Wiper Motor

Compact Rear Wiper Motor


  • Cars & utility vehicles.
  • 3 Wheel

Ratings : Electrical

  • System Voltage : 12V
  • Polarity : Negative Earth

Characteristics : Electrical

  • Typical Running Current
  • (Wet Screen)
  • 1.5 -2.5 Amps (Normal Speed)


  • Rated Torque (Cold)
  • At Output Gear
  • 8.0 Nm. at 13.5 Volt


  • Single Spindle Wiper Motor designed to wipe rear window wind screen with one arm and one blade
  • Wiper motor has a capacitor connected in parallel to power supply to minimize radio interference
  • Thermal cutout to protect armature


  • O/P temp range – 40oC + 80oC

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